Documentary Wedding Photographer

Hi there, I'm Jana

I was born and live in South Africa with my husband. I am an only child...and have two little rascal jack russels (I love animals btw).

The very first photo that I took was of my dog.


I am quirky, adventurous, friendly, spontaneous, creative, energetic and sporty. I have an insatiable passion for traveling and meeting new people of different cultures.

Having a degree in Bachelors Arts with a major in Photography I started with a 35mm film camera learning to capture the moment in the first take. I have advanced into making photography a full time career and started my business in 2013. 

With 10 years experience in the wedding industry. I am a Top Vendor Award winning photographer voted as the Upcoming photographer in 2015.

I have shot weddings in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Australia & Indonesia.

I thrive in the feeling of any wedding. That one special day where time stands still for two people. As emotional as it is to others I still get tears in her eyes when a proud father gives his daugther away, when the groom sees his future wife for the first time or when grand parents become emotional due to the fact that they have had the privilege to live long enough to witness this day.


My approach has become more documentary over the years and that will make you feel like I am not even around. Together we will create a timeless story captured in one single photograph.

Places I would love to travel to Capture love stories






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