“Love has many forms, true love is an unspoken force that can only be felt, not spoken.”


There is some kind of magic that happens when two souls that you don’t really know feel absolutely perfect together. This is exactly what I felt when I spent the day with Ivan&Amy. Two souls that were destined to spend their lives together.


These two and all their favourite people in this world came from all over the world to come celebrate the new chapter in their lives. Needless to say it was a celebration.


My brief was – document… I think I nailed it i

The little moments and people are the things that made this an incredible day. During the day there are always little moments that get lost in the big picture, but those moments, wiping away a tear, holding hands, being yourselves; that is what I will always believe true love to be about – being the quirky YOU.


May you have an adventure filled by grace in the presence of love every day you spend together. 

Venue: Die Woud, Caledon | Makeup artist & hair stylist: MORAG STEYN Celebrity Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Wedding dress: Boho style | Florist & Stationary: San-Marie CreativeNook | Invites on Paperless Post by bride

Master of Ceremony: Phillipa Bedford (bride’s sister) | Caterer: Chef at Die Woud

DJ: George Sax | Second photographer: Maggie Photography