If you’re someone who loves getting your photos taken professionally, but not that keen of being in front of the camera, mini sessions are exactly what you need.

I completely understand there might be photographers that don’t offer them – there are others (like me!) who absolutely LOVE them. I completely understand the appeal to capture some beautiful, professional photos for a lower price point in a faster time frame. Mini sessions can be absolutely incredible both from a business and client standpoint, but they aren’t for everyone.

Here are some considerations when deciding whether a mini session is right for you, your partner and your family.


What are your photo expectations?

If you’re hoping to book a mini session to get some professional photos in a quicker time frame, this is exactly what they’re intended for. If you are a big family or couple that have specific shots in mind, this might not be for you. The time for a mini shoot goes by quickly and you might not get what you want when going into the session with this expectation.

I always ask my clients about them before the session that I can get a feel of the type of people they are. This will help me a lot with a few goals in mind from my side, but honoring my clients wishes always comes first.

I am all about spontaneous photos, so for a family with small kids this really is a play session (because their attention span is only that long) and for the camera-shy boyfriends, fiancés and husbands this is the perfect session – a quick photo session to keep your other half happy.

A mini session might be right for you if 

You just want a few good photos, have a shorter wish list, and are willing to go with the flow of a fast, less predictable time slot.

A mini session might NOT be right for you if 

You have a longer, more specific set of shots in mind and you don’t feel comfortable with the unpredictability of a shorter spot to accomplish them in.


What are The personalities of your kids?

As a photographer, I try really hard to be very engaging and fun with the kids I work with so that they warm up to me as quickly as possible. Despite my best efforts, there are always going to be children who just don’t warm up in the time span of a mini session – and who could blame them?! Sometimes bribing your kids with ice cream or a chocolate egg afterwards to get them to coöperate for mini session. There are also going to be very high energy kids who just refuse to sit still, despite our best efforts. This is one of the many reasons I love lifestyle photography, though – I absolutely adore busy kids and chasing them while they explore.

Sometimes none of these work but that is okay, I am still human – if your kid is crying I won’t time them to make sure I leave exactly when the mini shoot was suppose to be done. I will wait and we all will try our best to get the absolute best outcome.

A mini session might be right for you if 

you’re ok with capturing your kids just as they are, whether that is smiling (or not), climbing, jumping, or everything in between. Or, you have very outgoing, cooperative kids that you know will listen very well during our brief time slot.

A mini session might NOT be right for you if 

You’re really wanting more opportunity to capture the exact kinds of photos you want, or if you have a difficult or high energy child (I have one of those!) and are not confident that the shots you want could be nailed during a small time frame. Keep in mind that this is one great advantage of a full session! Kids have time to warm up, and we have time to burn off that energy and snag some amazing moments on your list.


What is the personality of your fiancé?

Now this is fairly easy. I know that being in front of a camera isn’t every person’s cup of tea or glass of wine. In fact I don’t even like being in front of a camera, so I totally get where all the guys are coming from (it’s usually them). I am an extrovert and for some reason, might have to thank my parents for that, I love engaging with people.

If you need something to calm any nerves to be in front of a camera (each to his own) bring champagne or wine with. We can have a chat and then, I promise you it won’t take long for you to ease into bringing out the best moves and Zoolander poses.

A mini session might be right for you if 

you just want a few professional photos to get use to what it will be like on your wedding day with me as the 3rd wheel.

A mini session might NOT be right for you if 

You’re really wanting more opportunity to capture the exact kinds of photos you want at two different locations and are not confident that the shots you want could be nailed during a small time frame.


WHAT is your budget?

If you’re on a tighter budget, a mini session is an excellent fit. Some photographers charge a lot for lifestyle shoots, a mini session is the perfect session that will fit your price range.


All this might be a mouthful but it is very easy actually if you might actually want a full on photoshoot or a mini session. If you have answered YES to every category here then you are the perfect fit for a mini shoot, I think you have your answer. 

I promise you there is so much you can capture in 30 minutes you will actually be surprised. Check out these shoots below if you’re still not convinced.