You think just to throw on your best outfit and go with it, but there is a little bit more when it comes to planning the best outfit/s to go with your location, style & personality.

Pinterest is a great help when it comes to planning colours that go great together. It all depends what you want to do with the photos afterwards. Your shoot can be Cosy, Professional, Vibey, Elegant, Beachy, Timeless or Cultural, all of these have a different way to achieve in the outfit you wear.

Remember you should be comfortable in what you wear and feel like yourself.


Remember that opposites attract and sometimes it is actually a good idea to wear together.

I always suggest choosing 3-5 colours to work with. Neutrals and soft colours are the easiest to style cohesively, bold and bright colours can be distracting and stand out too much particularly in the outdoor nature environments I shoot in.

TIP: Chinos always work good for men and ladies, nice flowy bold printed dresses always look amazing.

Start planning one outfit and work from there. One outfit can have patterns (think floral or checkered pattern), then one person can have a texture and one just neutral. If you lay it out and look at the colours from far do they compliment each other?

For engagement shoots: Try incorporating the colour of your wedding, then you can use the photos for your Save the Dates or even use them on your wedding day without them looking out of place. And if you don't know the colour stick to neutrals.


Remember that you can really tell in a photograph if you are uncomfortable, so stick with things you will normally wear, just zoosh it up a little. This is the one time you have to dress for success and show a little off, why not.


Ladies, if you want your photos to pop a little then let the professionals handle it. It really adds a little extra to your photos, but it isn't necessary. If this is your engagement shoot, maybe try to do you trial on the day of your engagement then you will also see what you look like on photos and get a little glimpse of the big day.


  • Clothing which has large graphics or brand name logos on it. These will date, they will stand out and be distracting in your photos
  • Styling the family in ‘matchy matchy’ outfits, think white tops and jeans - this look is a little dated and wont reflect your families unique style
  • Too many patterns. If everyone wears something patterned its going to look super busy, best rule to follow is one person wears a pattern, two at most
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit you well or is restrictive, you want to be comfortable in your shoot and be able to run with the kids and cuddle them comfortably, you also don't want your bra straps showing in ill fitting tops / dresses

Ultimately wearing clothing you feel comfortable and beautiful in will be best. It will make you shine that little bit more during your shoot.

Wearing clothing that is uncomfortable or not something you would normally wear will show in the images. It’s also a must to make sure kids are dressed comfortably for the shoot, make sure they are warm enough and have appropriate footwear for the area we are shooting at.

Ps. You will get a detailed STYLING GUIDE from me before your session to prepare you of what to expect.

HERE is a few examples of clients that followed my advice